During October, CEN Occitanie organized 2 times of technical exchanges in the field, concerning the assessment of the conservation status of agroecological infrastructures / semi-natural habitats in Mediterranean agricultural context, as a basis for their conservation and management: hedges, isolated trees, grassy strips, barren land, ditches, ponds…

Nearly 40 people took part, thus making it possible to share everyone’s knowledge and actions, approaches allowing wide mobilization and meeting the expectations of farmers, opening up to the services provided by these ecological corridors and to management practices making it possible to keep them.

A big thank you to the participants for the quality of the exchanges, as well as to the farms which welcomed us on these occasions: Domaine de Mirabeau in Fabrègues and Domaine de Roquenégade in Val-de-Dagne.

These meetings were carried out as part of the regional support program for taking into account the green and blue network within the territories, and the European Erasmus+ Resifarms project on the management of agroecological infrastructures (multiplier event).