Last week, we conducted the third transnational coordination meeting of the project Erasmus+ Resifarms. This meeting, which was two-day long, was held in Transylvania region, in Romania, organized by Fundatia ADEPT and had the participation of the coordinating person of each one of the other five partner organizations of the project.

Fundatia ADEPT welcomed us to the village of Saschiz, where they have their headquarters, and showed us several areas where they work for the conservation of agricultural biodiversity and rural development in Transylvania. The attending organizations were: Fundatia ADEPT (Romania), Fundació Emys (Catalonia), Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels d’Occitanie (Occitania), Comitato per le Oasi WWF dell’Area Fiorentina (Italy), Český Svaz Ochránců Přírody (Czech Republic) and Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura (Catalonia).

Coordination meeting in Romania - office
Coordination meeting in the Fundatia ADEPT headquarters (Photo: Fundatia ADEPT).

During the coordination meetings we carried out a technical follow-up of the status of the project and the next tasks until its completion in February 2022, as well as a follow-up of the economic status and administrative tasks. During the field visits we were able to get to know one of the farms managed by the foundation, with hay meadows and grazing cows, and several areas where they manage hay meadows for biodiversity conservation.

Coordination meeting in Romania - Angofa 2
Property managed by Fundatia ADEPT, with hay meadows and pastures, in Angofa (Photo: XCN).

This face-to-face meeting has allowed us to know the work and strategy of Fundatia ADEPT in the conservation of High Nature Value habitats, especially meadows and pastures, and in the support and training of farmers in the area to develop an agricultural activity with the benefits of conserving biodiversity. It has also allowed us to know first hand the trends of agricultural management in the area and some of the threats to high nature value agriculture. The meeting was expected to take place last year, but it was not possible due to the COVID-19 situation. It has finally been possible and has allowed us to exchange knowledge that virtual meetings do not make possible.

Hay meadows and mosaic landscape in Angofa (Photo: XCN).