The project is output-based, aimed at producing, sharing and enriching resources (both general and technical) about conservation of non-productive agricultural lands of agricultural estates. There are two types of expected results:

Tangible results:
– One non-productive agricultural lands conservation toolkit tailored for farmers and agricultural technicians used by more than 1000 participants.
– Creation of joint conservation projects by farmers, agricultural technicians and conservation technicians.
– To involve more than 100 volunteers from the partner organizations in the implementation of some non-productive agricultural lands conservation actions.

Intangible results:
– Coordination and knowledge transfer between partner organizations.
– Building the capacities of the main targets and other participating stakeholders.
– Fostering collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders.
– Enhancing the conservation status of non-productive agricultural lands of farmers participating in the project.
– Promoting land stewardship among stakeholders.

The potential longer term benefits are:
– Improve the conservation status of farmlands.
– Enhance the application of conservation measures deriving from policies.
– Increase the strength and impact of sustainable farming and environmental organizations, and foster their cooperation.

The methodology applied will be based on the following approaches:
– Assessed by pedagogical experts.
– Tailored to the background and capabilities of our main targets.
– Fostering the cooperation among stakeholders.
– Practical and providing tangible results to participants.
– Aiming to change the current views of our targets on nature conservation.